Scope Clerical

Job Title: SCOPE Clerical

Status: Hourly, Non-Exempt, Part-Time

Reports to: SCOPE Supervisor

Education/Experience: High School Graduate or GED
Microsoft Word and Excel Experience
Data processing and Data Entry Experience
Understanding of FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act)
Understanding of Federal (TANF), State/County Participation requirements and reporting

Skills: People skills
Communication skills – written and oral
Computer skills
Telephone Skills
Accurate and Detail Oriented
Efficient and Diligent Work Habits
Organizational Skills

Job Description: Responsible for the completion of all clerical duties related to the Operations of the SCOPE

Program including but not limited to:
While following site specific policies and procedures as well as Windfall Industries Policies and

*Completes participant schedules based on SCDJFS database information.
*Maintains all SCOPE orientation equipment, paperwork, and supplies.
*Use SCDJFS Qmatic system to help monitor and track participants
*Enter attendance and general information, monitor participant detail including actual participation
hours, “failed, unexcused, excused, holiday”, etc within manner and period specified by SCDJFS.
*Help coordinate SCOPE participants for background checks.
*Ensure participants are referred to all required assignments/appointments while attending
SCOPE (i.e. Job Skills Classes, computer labs, etc.)
*Attend all required meetings including conferences, state & local training and state hearings
as needed.
*Provide all necessary documentation in compliance with County/State/Federal Funding
on a timely basis. Prepares case documentation and additional documentation as requested.
*Work with various community agencies
*demonstrates customer service skills when dealing with SCOPE employers
*Establish positive rapport with participants
Other Requirements: Requirements:
*Must be able to pass background screening per ODDD/Medicaid specifications.
*Additional training will be required as deemed necessary at the companies’ expense.
Additional Activities: Any additional duties as needed

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